How hard can it be to install a video doorbell? Actually, more than you think. As I’ve learned after installing dozens of RING doorbells, as well as other popular brands, many things go into the perfect installation process. Here are a few things that can go wrong and why hiring a professional is the best option.

Video doorbell on brick wall
video doorbell being pressed

Problems With the Proper Angle

The height of the video doorbell is crucial, so you’ll want someone with experience to get it just right. The button shouldn’t be too high or low. It needs to be at chest level or slightly above. Otherwise, you won’t see who’s at your door.

The video from your RING doorbell might be necessary someday for law enforcement to solve a crime, such as a burglary at your home or if the camera captures trespassers causing harm in your neighborhood. That’s why the camera angle is also important to get just right so that you can see as much as possible of the person at your door.

Power Source Issues

It’s essential to get the power source right, too. Should you pick a doorbell with a battery-powered Wi-Fi video doorbell or one that’s wired? The battery-powered ones don’t need to be wired, but they only work while the battery remains charged. But if you get one with a wired doorbell, you’ll need electrical wiring knowledge and experience.

Only a professional should work with wiring, since improper wiring can lead to shocks or fires. If you get the video doorbell wired, but it doesn’t work, chances are there’s a problem with the wiring itself. You could have faulty wiring or not enough of it to support the unit you want to install at your home.

Improve Your Home's Value

A video doorbell is an excellent way to boost your house’s value. However, if installing the video doorbell isn’t right, it can look tacky and decrease the value of your home. A professional knows how to install the doorbell so it looks aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, a professional can help you choose the right style and features to meet your needs. They’ll know how to connect your doorbell to other devices, such as smart locks and other smart home upgrades.

Save You Money

You don’t want to start the process, make a mistake, and then have to pay even more money to get a pro to re-do the job. That’s why you should hire a professional for your RING video doorbell installation. They know what they’re doing and can avoid problems such as the ones listed above.

Hiring a professional to install your video doorbell is worth it for many reasons. They can help you avoid common mistakes such as not getting the angle of the camera right or having improper wiring that could cause fires. Also, they’ll know how to connect your doorbell with other devices for smart home upgrades that meet all of your needs.

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Brenda Marquez
Brenda Marquez
Great service! Highly reccomend!
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brandie storey
——This is the man to hire—— He ran into an issue with our wall and the firewall within. He spent the extra time and effort to figure out a way to still get the job done. I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of specialty tools he had on him. It allowed him to get a very tricky job done. He was incredibly meticulous, measured everything out. This made sure I was happy with the placement on the wall. If you want your tv mounted correctly, hire TV Mounting SD.
Lola Tashpulatova
Lola Tashpulatova
Highly recommend Sean: on time, fast and professional!
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Reyna Trujillo
Sean was awesome! Very easy and fast set up. Highly recommend if you need your TV mounted.
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Edgar Puerto
Excellent service
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Joe Zarate
Great service, amazing results, and right on time! Thanks Sean, you’re the best TV Mounting Service I’ve ever used. Will hire again.
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Jeff Highbarger
Working with Sean was about as seamless as it gets. Booked and paid online and in 24 hours my tv was mounted. He wore shoe covers inside my house and there was no left over dust or drywall after the install. I would recommend TVMOUNTSD 10 fold!
Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
Sean was great from beginning to end while doing my tv install/mounting. Totally polite, professional and kept me in the loop the entire time. I would 110% enlist his services if needed in the future…great job!
Shawn Fox
Shawn Fox
Sean was careful and precise ensuring that the job was done safely and correctly.
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